Pets Beauty Salon


Are you ready to serve as a pet stylist? Pets Beauty Salon is a kid's game where you dress up cats and dogs with stunning outfits and accessories. You need to show your creativity here. With its mesmerizing graphics, Pets Beauty Salon offers you a delightful game environment.

How to Play Pets Beauty Salon

Welcome to Pets Beauty Salon, where you can unleash your inner pet stylist! This kids' game lets you dress up adorable cats and dogs with a wide range of stunning dresses. Show off your creativity in this fun game environment featuring dazzling graphics.

When you enter the game, choose your first animal and start dressing it. This is your starting point. When all these preparation processes are completed, the spotlight will shine most on your pet.

  • First, choose the color of your animal. Choose the colors that look most vivid to your eyes and that you think suit your pet. You will find golden yellow, orange, pink, brown, blue and black among the colors.
  • Then, select your pet's eye color. There are some charming eye colors here. Our favorite colors are purple and pink.
  • It's time to put stickers on your pet. Yes, stickers! You will find a heart, star, paw print and donut stickers. Place them in your pet's ear or backside.
  • Do you want your pet to wear a crown or a beret? You can even find a fedora hat if you want it to be classy. Or even just a ribbon can make it look very stylish.
  • Try on exclusive outfits for your pet. Here, you will find pleated skirts, sweaters and pullovers. Choose the most suitable one according to the weather conditions; we will be sorry if it gets sick. After that, pick a shoe that matches its top outfit.
  • As for accessories, you can wear it with a collar and a scarf. Again, if you want, a pair of glasses would look great on her.


  • Use your mouse click to dress up your pet.

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