Baby Beauty Salon

Before you take baby girls to the park, you need to prepare them. Baby Beauty Salon is a 2D girl game where you are the stylist of the four baby girls. You need to make them the most adorable girls among other babies in the neighborhood park.

Start with their makeup, dress them up and put nail polish on them. Makeover these four beautiful girls in this dress up game! They are ready to attract all the attention in the park.


Desktops and Laptops

  • Mouse: Pick items

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to make up and dress up the girls.

Overview of Baby Beauty Salon

  • Pick the first baby girl and prepare her for a day trip in the park. You will begin with doing her makeup.
  • Choose an eyeshadow among six unique options. Then, it is time for lipstick. There are unique colors to choose from for her lips.
  • After choosing an eyebrow shape for her, you can proceed to select a blush for her sweet cheeks.
  • Next, you need to deal with her hair! When you are done with the hair and dress them up, the final stage is the stage where you beautify their hands.
  • This is the process as we prepare all four girls. Use your creativity and turn them into goddesses!

Prepare Them for the Park

Since they will be going to play with other girls in the park, you can dress them in a casual style. There are many outfits on the dressing-up stage in this fashion game. You can find several different styles of dresses and t-shirts and trouser combinations.

Don't worry! With their makeup and their carefully prepared hair, they will not look ordinary and boring. Additionally, they will look very striking with the nail polish you put on their nails and the nail sticker you choose.

Put a Nail Polish

Now, we are in the final stage of taking care of the girls' hands. Begin by choosing a nail polish from six vivid colors. There are red, blue, navy blue, black, green and pink options at your disposal. Pick the one you favor most.

If you want, you can sprinkle glitter on the nail polish! Moreover, there are many stickers that you can put on their nails. Gamie's favorite nail sticker in Baby Beauty Salon is the diamond-shaped stickers!


FreezeNova developed the Baby Beauty Salon.

What is More?

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You may also look for the girl games online tag on for additional options. There are many online games at your disposal that you can play for free. Keep coming back to discover more!

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