Princess Wedding

Princess Wedding is a dress-up game in which the player prepares the bride for her royal ceremony. As a stylist, the player has a lot to do. Many wedding dresses, jewelry, shoes, and even flower bouquet options exist. Choosing the best among them for the bride is a challenging task. But as an experienced stylist, we believe you can handle this huge responsibility!

How to Play Princess Wedding

  • When you enter the game, you will be greeted by 4 beautiful women. You can start by deciding which one will be your bride.
  • Then, it's time to prepare the bride. You will see categories in the column on the left side of the game screen. From here, you can proceed by opening the categories one by one and seeing the options you have for these categories on the right.

Categories on the Left

You will see the categories listed one under the other. From here, you will decide on the bride's hair, put her wedding dress and veil on, choose the flower bouquet and more. You have so many options in these categories that you will definitely find something the princess wants.

Bridal Gown

There are 25 unique gowns in the game. You can unlock some of them by watching short advertisement videos. The bridal gown is the most sacred part of ​​a ceremony. Therefore, this selection must be made in the most meticulous way! But you also have the option if you want to dress the princess in a top and a skirt rather than a gown. You can choose from categories.

Fur and Gloves

After her wedding dress, the princess's fur and gloves are the most important thing. These are the essentials for a royal wedding. Here, you will find furs and gloves in different styles. Make your choices to match the princess's wedding dress.


  • Use your mouse to choose the outfits and other stuff.

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