Frozen Sisters Dream Wedding

Imagine a video game where you plan a dream wedding up and over. Responsibilities are endless, ranging from skincare to nail art for brides. Invitations, cakes and all the other aesthetics must be confirmed. On top of that, it's a double wedding. Do you know who is getting married? Princess Elsa and Anna of Frozen. Do we need to say more? Or do you want to dive into the most fun wedding game, Frozen Sisters Dream Wedding? Play it instantly on your browser on!


Use your mouse or tap to pick items.

How to Play Frozen Sisters' Dream Wedding

  • Frozen Sisters are getting married, and they decided to have a double wedding.
  • Start with Elsa's skincare routine first. Wash, rinse and put on a mask on her face to glow up all night.
  • Clear the pimples, and use the tweezers for the eyebrows. Finally, a nose strip was put in place to get rid of blackheads.
  • Then, move on to hair. Shampoo her hair, rinse it thoroughly, blow dry and comb it. It'll look gorgeous, after all.
  • Time to go to the nail saloon. Trim the nails. Moisturize hands. Give them a perfect oval, almond or square shape. Pick a nail polish color to match their style. Furnish the bride's manicure with a nail art design.
  • Have Elsa seated on the makeup chair. Make sure you choose the best colors for her skin tone. Pick among a myriad of items ranging from lipsticks, blushes to eyeshadows.
  • And finally, the wedding dress. Choose the dress, veil, hairstyle and wedding hair crown for Princess Elsa.
  • When you're done with the first bride, pass it on to Princess Anna for wedding preparations. Make her glow as much as her sister Elsa.

Arrange the Wedding Bouquet

Beautiful brides deserve wild flower bouquets. Choose between red roses and daisies. Add a bit of sparkle with cute ribbons.

Invitation Cards

A wedding couldn't be imagined without guests. They actually brought in Olaf for Wedding invitation cards. But he forgot all about it, as goofiness comes first for him. Now, you need to arrange the cards as well. The Frozen Sisters would like to have everything perfect at this wedding. Make sure you pick them an elegant card and an envelope. They'll send them to very precious guests.

Wedding Cake

Crown the wedding with a delicious cake. Choose the shape and icing of the wedding cake. Don't forget to add a wedding topper to the cake.

Grooms Need Help

As in most weddings, preparing the groom is the easiest part. Pick a hairstyle and a tuxedo for each groom and unleash their charisma. You can also add accessories if you'd like to. Boys don't want to be overshadowed by stunning brides.

A Toast for the Wedding Organizer

O-la-la! The perfect wedding is ready to be enjoyed! Remember to take pictures and share them with your friends. It seems you dealt with everything at the Frozen Sisters' wedding well enough. Would you like to try your hand at organizing other weddings?


FreezeNova created this game.

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