Mini Missions

Accurate timing has never been more important! Mini Missions is a 2D arcade game in which you must fulfill many tasks using only one button at the right time. You will find various minigames with pixelated graphics in different classes.

Your objective is to complete each of the 80 mini-missions one by one. Take your place on Mars in outer space, play a tennis match or chase people embodying a zombie in this skill game!

Our Review

“Mini Missions offers enjoyable gaming experiences with games from different categories. You may carry water to a burning house with a helicopter or fight aliens on Mars! The mission I enjoyed playing the most was definitely Golf.” - OnlineGames Editor.

About This Game

  • Mini Missions offers many kinds of games ranging from golfing to driving a helicopter.
  • There are 80 challenging minigames in total. When you enter the game, you will see them side by side.
  • You are free to start playing with any of them. Decide which one you want to play and click on it.
  • In each game, you will try to fulfill your mission by using only the left-click button.
  • As you successfully complete the tasks, the icon of those minigames will disappear from the menu.
  • Try to challenge yourself with every game you see on the screen for the utmost enjoyment!

Direct the Flappy Bat!

In one of the games called Bat, you will try to direct a bat to move forward in the platform without crashing with any of the green pipes. When you press the left mouse button, it will levitate.

When you release the button, it will float down. It reminds you of Flappy Bird, right? This time, you will find a bat instead of a bird! If you successfully pass 10 green pipes, you will have finished the game.

Be the Hero Doctor

In the Doctor game, you must deliver medicine to your patient by overcoming the bombs falling from the sky. Your patient is very sick and waiting for your cure as his beloved doctor.

You need to reach his side by moving forward with medicine in hand. However, if a bomb hits you, you will lose the game. You must find a way or develop a strategy to get past all the bombs.


Desktops and Laptops

  • Use your cursor to play mini missions

Mobile Devices

  • Use the red button on the screen to play the minigames.


Shared Dreams Studios developed Mini Missions.

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Mini Missions Online Game