Mini Crossword

From the word puzzles that our parents solved in the newspaper to the digital crossword of the 21st century… While everything is evolving in the age of technology, word puzzles have also had their share of this. We no longer need newspapers and pens. Mini Crossword is a challenging crossword game where players must work their minds well. It has always been a popular game for generations. And now you can access it online with just one click and spend your free time with joy.

How to Play Mini Crossword?

  • Mini Crossword consists of 25 squares, each corresponding to a letter. 
  • When you press the row or column you want to answer, a description of the word is given in the area below the grid. Based on this definition, you must guess and enter the word that fits in the blanks. 
  • As the name suggests, Mini Crossword is in a shorter format than regular crosswords. 
  • Finding words based on definitions requires general and vocabulary knowledge. And, of course, it weighs the player's problem-solving ability. 
  • After guessing and finding the word, enter letters digit by digit using the keyboard below. Then, you give the answer by pressing the enter key. 
  • If the column or row turns completely green when you press Enter, you guessed it right! 
  • You can use your hint right by clicking on the "bulb" icon in the upper left corner of the screen. This provides you with a letter clue based on the answer to the digit you clicked on.
  • The more you fill-up the squares, the easier and more fun it will be!

Game Rules

  • To complete the game, you must find all the words on the grid correctly.
  • You can move on to another if you have difficulty deducing a word. There is no problem with this.
  • Above the grid, you can see the timer. It shows you how much time you spent solving this puzzle. So, you may choose to challenge yourself to finish the next puzzle in a shorter time.
  • After completing a column or row, you need to press Enter. If you see it glowing green, it means you got it right. Conversely, if it turns red, it means you guessed it wrong.

Tips and Tricks

We can give you a few suggestions that may be useful while playing the game.

  • We recommend that you start with simpler words first. As you fill in the grid, you will open letters for more difficult words to guess.
  • Connecting other rows and columns will also help you find the word.
  • When you have difficulty finding any letter, feel free to get word help by clicking on the "bulb" icon from the upper left corner of the screen.

Benefits of Playing Crossword Puzzle

  • Playing word puzzles such as Mini Crossword increases a person's intellectual capacity.
  • It increases the person's general cultural capacity while trying to make sense of the definitions given for the word.
  • It refreshes the player's memory and develops their focus ability by stimulating the brain.
  • As the player guesses the words, it also helps the person learn new facts.


  • The game consists of a 5x5 grid.
  • You can access the tips in the section below the grid.
  • The words whose definition is given are not very long.
  • The game has a delightful game interface.
  • The game offers the option to activate night mode.


  • Click on the box you want to enter the letter with your mouse and enter the letter using the keyboard below.
  • It is optional to use the screen keyboard. After selecting the word box, you can also type on your computer’s keyboard.
  • You can switch the game screen to night mode by clicking the moon and sun icons in the upper right corner. Thus, the screen does not tire your eyes.

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