Ready to embark on a nostalgic journey of Pac-Man? Relieve the classic arcade experience! Tapman is another arcade game based on Pac-Man. The game mechanics are the same as in the original game.

Steer your yellow character in the maze, which looks like a pizza with a missing slice. Collect all the dots while trying to avoid colorful ghosts in this version of the avoid game!

What is Pac-Man?

Pac-Man is a well-known maze action video game developed by Namco Limited in the 1980s. In many respects, this game is one of the firsts in the gaming industry. Around the world, it has gained a very good reputation.

Eventually, it became an iconic part of popular culture. Please check out our Google Pacman 30th Anniversary blog post for further information, such as fun facts and Guinness world records! We wish you a good reading in advance.

About Tapman

  • Pac-Man inspired Tapman while it was being developed. Overall, there are no significant differences between these two arcade games.
  • The rules are the same: steer your yellow character with an open mouth and collect the dots in the maze.
  • However, you must move cautiously. You are not alone in this maze. Four ghosts are in it, and they will chase you through labyrinths.
  • Their names are Shadow, Speedy, Bashful and Pokey. The colors they have are red, pink, turquoise and orange, respectively.
  • You must escape from them to survive no matter what! You will have three Pac-Man lives. If any of the ghosts catch you, you will lose one of them!

Collect the Power Pellets

  • Besides the dots in the maze, you will see Power Pellets.
  • They are bigger in size compared to the standard dots.
  • Collecting them will enable you to turn the ghosts blue temporarily.
  • Once you get one of the pellets, the tables will be turned!
  • You can start to chase the ghosts this time.
  • Eating one of them will bring you bonus scores.
  • Getting the cherries on the screen will also get you bonuses.
  • You can see them from time to time in the maze.
  • Don't miss getting the cherries when you spot them!

Guess the Movements of Ghosts

To get the highest scores in Tapman, you must practice estimating the next step of the ghosts. Their only job is chasing you throughout the maze. They will come after you like they are your shadows wherever you go.

Figuring out their movement style can allow you to dodge them easily. This way, you can stay one step ahead of them without worrying about being caught. Let's see if you can beat your highest score in Tapman!


Desktops and Laptops

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • P: Pause

Mobile Devices

  • Use the directional buttons to move.


Lucio Panepinto developed Tapman.

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