Idle Mining Empire

Idle Mining Empire is an idle game where you try to start a mining business from scratch. You will have very small profits at first. But over time, you can turn this mining investment into a giant business.

Start from the bottom layer and get the mines from the soil. Bring these mines to the surface. You will soon be an idle tycoon miner!

How to Play Idle Mining Empire

  • You can start by purchasing your first mineshaft! Click on your worker to get mines from underground.
  • The workers have to carry the coals they dug up using the elevator. Make sure the coals are brought to the surface. This job is a team effort.
  • After the coals are taken up by the elevator, they need to be sent to the warehouse.
  • A disruption in work on one side means a slowdown in the entire business. Make sure each employee does their job diligently!

Upgrade Your Mineshaft

In order for the mine shaft to produce more coal, you must frequently upgrade it with the money you earn. Support your mining business with your investments and unlock higher profits.

Hire Managers

You can see that your employees work much more efficiently and faster if they have a manager in charge. That's why it is very important to place managers in each department. Additionally, getting a manager allows you to earn passive income when you are away.

Open the New Shafts

The most significant investment you can make to build your own mining empire will be to unlock new layers. In this way, you will increase both your earnings and your business volume. This also means increasing the number of departments and their employees.


  • Simply click and drag your cursor over the desired places to perform.
  • Press and hold the screen to scroll up and down to view the higher working sections after unlocking numerous floors.


Idle Mining Empire was created by MarketJS.

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Idle Mining Empire Free Game