Idle Pet Business


Are you ready to become a millionaire by managing your very own pet shop? It's the dream job you've been waiting for! Idle Pet Business is an idle game where you start nurturing pets with a cute hamster and develop your pet empire.

In this game, you can step into the world of pet care and watch your empire grow from a tiny hamster to a thriving business. Take great care of your animals to earn coins and expand your pet kingdom. 

This game also serves as a realistic business management simulation, offering valuable insights into how such businesses operate.

How to Play Idle Pet Business

Your journey begins with caring for a tiny hamster; from there, you'll start making money. 

Upgrading your animals is crucial as it directly impacts your earnings. 

As you level up your pets, your income will increase, making it essential to invest in their growth.

Unlocking New Types of Animals

There are many kinds of animals here. As you earn money, you will be able to unlock new animals such as puppy, bunny, parrot, fish, chameleon, turtle and even a unicorn. 

When unlocking each new animal, you must collect the amount written on the square.

Upgrading Pets

The key to progress in this business is upgrading the pets. Thus, what you earn from your animals will also increase. 

When the bar under the animals is full, the money you make will be equal to the upgrade level of the animals. 

You can open the Upgrade Store by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Achievements in Idle Pet Business

There are some tasks here. As you fulfill these, you will unlock achievements.

You can open the "Achievements" section by pressing the ribbon icon in the lower right corner of the game screen. 

Get your reward by pressing the "Claim" button next to the tasks you have completed.

Pets on Social Media

Sharing your pets on social media at regular intervals will increase your popularity. Share them on your social media by clicking on the phone that appears on the game screen!


Play Idle Pet Business using your mouse.

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