Subway Idle 3D

Subway Idle 3D is an idle game where you try to run an underground network in New York City. You are in charge of all engineering work of this subway system. You will be the head of the construction. Can you imagine how much this system is needed in a crowded city like New York? People expect to be satisfied. Set up a system so that you can increase your profits and people can find what they are looking for in transportation. 🚇

How to Play Subway Idle 3D

What you need to do when creating this subway system is to ensure their maintenance by skillfully connecting the railways to each other. In order to earn more money, you have to constantly update and improve this network. The game offers you many options to achieve these. You will start with NYC first, but in later levels, you can unlock other significant cities from the map section.

  • When you level up, don't forget to get the leveling reward from the level bar at the top.
  • You can also view how much cash and gems you have among the icons at the top screen.
  • You can view your tasks by coming to the Missions icon and get rewards for completing them.
  • When you reach the required levels, you can unlock other big cities from the Map section and install underground networks there.
  • Golden Metros will pass through the railways from time to time. You can earn good money by clicking on them.
  • Additionally, in order not to lose your game data, you can protect your progress by entering the level code in the game in the Code section.

Get More Passengers

The more passengers you carry, the more money you earn. Therefore, investing in the subway will be the best method. It is important to develop existing railways, but in order to grow, you also need to bring new subway lines to the city. Satisfying the passengers will be your most important job. Therefore, you should not allow delays and slowdowns.

Subway Lines

You will see 3 different sections at the bottom of the game screen. The last "Tracks" section allows you to increase your subway lines. From here, you will add new lines to the underground system. But just adding a line is not enough. It would also be a good move to increase the number of subways and stations following this route. Such actions soar your income considerably.

Upgrade Your Station

In addition to adding new lines to your system, updating the amount of money you will earn in the "Price" section and increasing the speed of your metros in the "Speed" section are also among the best strategies.


  • Simply use your mouse to create your subway system.

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