Dino Chaos Idle


Dino Chaos Idle is an idle clicker game where you give life to the dinosaurs. You will enable them to create chaos on the surface by resurrecting them. Many scientists will work with you while you are working underground. Each of the scientists has their own specific formula for the job. Employ them and begin sending the resurrected dinos to the earth in this crazy game!☢️

How to Play Dino Chaos Idle

Dr. Mad Lad created a resurrection machine for the Big Boss. The machine is ready to give life to the dinosaurs. There must be continuing work underground for the extinct dinosaurs to come back to life. Click on the excavator and activate it. You will need scientists to resurrect the crazy animals with their formulas. They will help you automate this process. Scientists are the key staff in the game.

Revive the Dinosaurs

Collect dinosaur bones underground to let Doctor Mad Lad revive the animals. He will transform the bones using his resurrection machine and send the creatures to the surface. Employ scientists to have them manage the laboratories. They will know what to do exactly!

Unlock New Laboratoires

  • Upgraded laboratories will allow you to resurrect more dangerous dinosaurs. As you unlock new ones, you will get different kinds of dinos.
  • For each lab, you must hire a new scientist who is an expert for that kind of species. They will cause much greater havoc compared to the ordinary ones. 
  • In this way, you will get extra money. The Greater the destruction, the greater the money!
  • In addition, don’t forget to upgrade the resurrection machine, too.

Different Territories

You may work on different territories. View the zones from the “Map” section. To unlock a region, you must earn well in Territory #1. Attacking to Territory #2 requires you to have 160M. Let’s see what you will encounter in the new zones!

Core Inventory

You have many core materials in the Core Inventory section. You may use these cores in your laboratories to benefit from them. They will allow you to gain x2 coins from resurrections. But their use is limited as they work for a certain period of time.


  • Use your mouse click to revive the dinosaurs.

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Dino Chaos Idle Free Online Game