Idle Dev Startup

Idle Dev Startup is an idle clicker game where the player takes on the role of a software developer trying to make and market applications as a means of making money. This business endeavor will necessitate a complete start from scratch. You must, therefore, exercise patience while the company expands. You'll be glad to see the success of your startup in time!

How to Play Idle Dev Startup

There's a lot of work ahead of you. It could be challenging to make something from scratch. But you can manage tasks well if you know how to step forward. Creating an app is where you'll start. In the future, you will be able to unlock more tiers as you produce code and make money. Bringing on new employees will significantly improve your task.

Getting New Workers

Recruiting employees is the most effective way to grow a business and boost output. Hiring interns will help you progress because you won't have much money initially. They will gain experience, and you will gain assistance. Everyone wins in this scenario!

Cheer Up Employees

When workers are happy, they will work more efficiently. Occasionally provide breaks for your staff. Let them use the foosball table at work as a stress reliever. From the bar on the upper right corner of the game screen, you may monitor their emotional state. It's time to let them enjoy themselves if this bar is low.

Expand Your Business

The bottom of the game screen has a few icons that you may see. These categories can be used to help you make efforts to grow your business. Remember to take a moment to read the brief description that follows each enhancement to discover the benefits that each addition and development will bring to your company.

  • Workplace Budget: Clicking the first icon makes it appear. This section covers enhancements that will enable you to code more quickly. Writing more code increases your income.
  • Release App Version: It is the second icon section. This page offers different app versions, such as build and revision. These modifications you make here will increase your idle revenue.
  • Service Scaling: You can access this area by selecting the third icon. It can be said that these changes are only meant as a marketing ploy. Among other things, you can get SEO optimization for exposure and start an ad campaign from here.
  • Employee Placement: This part is the final section. This section allows you to hire workers from interns to solution architects. Never forget that the greatest team is what you'll need to raise the caliber of your work!


  • Simply click the mouse on the workers to write code.

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