Idle Restaurant


How does the idea of ​​running a restaurant sound to you? Idle Restaurant is an idle game where you operate a restaurant starting from the basics. Starting from scratch is never easy. But growing your restaurant is possible if you know how to manage well and take the proper steps. As this game is an excellent simulation example regarding business management, it will help you get some ideas about how such companies work in real life.

How to Play Idle Restaurant?

Start with unlocking a floor by tapping to the relevant area. There will be people you need to employ. These can be listed as a cook, server, manager and elevator operator. All of them have essential duties within the section. If even one person disrupts the work, the operation of the entire restaurant slows down. Therefore, you should not allow such incidents to occur. That's why working with managers will be of great benefit to you.

Improving Your Restaurant’s Business

We can give you some suggestions to help you manage this restaurant better and more effectively.

  • It is crucial for the efficiency of your restaurant that you keep each employee under supervision and work them effectively. For this, you can employ managers for each floor. This will increase the work efficiency of the employees working in that department.
  • Another important thing is to increase the workability of each of your employees. Allowing them to level up as you earn income from the restaurant will let them take on more workload.
  • The secret lies in expanding your business. As you earn enough coins, unlock new floors and directly increase your earnings by putting them into service.
  • Since this is an idle game, your restaurant will continue to operate even when you are not playing online. You can see how much passive income you earn per second from the "Idle Cash" section in the upper left corner of the game screen.

Boosts in Idle Restaurant

Simplify your management tasks. In later stages of the game, managing multiple administrators can be overwhelming. The fork-spoon icon streamlines this process, allowing you to activate all administrators at once.

What Does the Fork-Spoon Icon Do?

This part is there to make your job easier. In the game's later stages, you will employ many managers under your organization. "Activating" them all one by one may tire you. When you open this section, all your administrators will be listed one under the other. When you click on the activate button, it will activate them all.


  • Click and drag the mouse over the necessary places to perform. Press and hold the screen while navigating up and down to see the upper working portions after unlocking numerous floors.

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