Hero Dragon Power

Hero Dragon Power Free

Hero Dragon Power will take you on an epic journey filled with exciting challenges that will test your skills. Activate heavy punches, cast special abilities and master your way through fierce enemies with agile movements.

You have ton of characters to choose from. Also, there are 20 levels ready to be completed. To complete the stages you need to have a combination of speed and power because you only have 3 lives. You will be able to check health and power of the characters while playing. 

Store section 
You can choose different pairs of characters. Each one of them has special powers to help destroying the enemies.

Upgrade the characters 
Every character can be upgraded up to the 5 five stars. At this point the level of damages and critical will be at maximum. 

Hero Dragon Power Controls:
• Arrow keys to move
• Space or up arrow to jump or to double jump
• Z to punch
• X to use ability
• C to use ultimate ability
• V to recharge