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Archer Hero Free

In Archer Hero we give you the possibility to enter in the world of mysticism and magic. Begin the journey with testing your archery abilities and eliminate the potential enemies. You can select from a variety of bows, arrows and targets  in order to improve your shooting skills. Every level brings new challenges and rewards. The progress will be seen in the amount of coins won after every level.

Archer Hero Gameplay:
After every level you will get new abilities. For example: 
Select a new ability - level 2 
• Side arrows+1
• Attack Boost 
• Bolt Circle 

You found an angel. Choose a blessing! 
• Attack speed(Minor) 
• Recover 

• Attack Speed Boost - level 3  
• Front Arrow +1 
• Side Arrows +1

• Bouncy Wall - level 4 
• Bloodthirst 
• Bolt 

World section
Here are the following Chapters - with 50 stages that need to be completed. 
1. Verdant Prairie - A fertile grassland that is a good place for hunting. 
2. Storm Desert - Hurricanes are very common here.
3. Abandoned dungeon - A hellish place, dark and scary. 
4. Crystal Mines - The mine has nothing but glimmering crystals inside. 
5. Lost Castle - An ancient castle over a thousand years old.
6. Barrens of Shadow - The desert is actually the home of many mysterious monsters. 
7. Silent Expanse - The habitat of powerful creatures that no one dares approach. 
8. Frozen Pinnacle - The danger is lurking beneath this silent and quiet expanse. 
9. Dungeon of Traps - The wind is howling. Beware of the deep snow and the extreme cold.
10. Cave of Bones - Evil dungeons, hiding a lot of horrible creatures. 

Shop section
• Buy Pile of Coins - 1440 coins with 30 green diamonds 
• Buy Heap of Coins - 4320 coins with 80 green diamonds
• Buy Crate of Coins - 12960 coins with 200 green diamonds 

Talents section 
• Talents can permanently increase your ability. 
• 9 talents ready to be unlocked with the coins. There are 3 types of talents: 3 normal, 3 blue, 3 purple 

Archer Hero Controls:
• WASD or arrow keys to move
• Space to fire

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