Powerslide Kart Simulator

Powerslide Kart Simulator is a 3D driving game where you can enjoy driving your mini-kart and competing with other go-kart racers along curved roads. Your aim here is mastering the art of steering a kart or other wheeled vehicles and doing stunts using the ramps on game maps. Ignite your kart's exhaust and outshine other racers in this kart racing game! 🚦

How to Play Powerslide Kart Simulator

Enter the game, choose the game map you want to drive your vehicle on, and finally, choose one of the wheeled vehicles given to you and spawn in the game area! A go-kart, a 3 wheel-car, and a bike are at your disposal. We recommend that you try out all three vehicles. The exhaust fumes while driving each vehicle provide a heart-pumping gaming experience. After selecting your car, start getting the highest scores by drifting and jumping with your chosen vehicle!

Get Scores in Powerslide Kart Simulator

  • As you drive your vehicle along the Highway map, there will be another kart, 3-wheeler, and bike users racing with you. You need to get scores by drifting without letting them distract you. The only map you are in contact with other racers is the highway.
  • Another way you can score is by jumping with your vehicle. The farther you can jump, the higher the score you get. You can use different shaped ramps and platforms on the maps to do this. Check your total score in the Score section at the top of the screen.
  • View the scores you achieved by drifting and jumping separately in the section below the score text.

Highway, Stunt Area or Port?

There are 3 unique maps you can select, and you can have a different driving experience in each one.

  • If you want to compete with other vehicles and earn scores by drifting and jumping, the highway is the best option. You can find areas with yellow arrows that provide short-term speed on this map.
  • The Stunt Area is the ideal place to perform various acrobatic movements and jumpings in different ways. It has a lot of ramps and jumping areas.
  • Just like in the Stunt Area, you can find many ramps in different shapes in the Port. But unlike Stunt Area, you may encounter many obstacles, such as shiploads here, that can slow you down! Which is what makes this map unique.

Powerslide Kart Simulator vs Smash Karts

Powerslide Kart Simulator and Smash Karts are both kart racing games. But there are also some differences between them. Try and enjoy them both!

  • Powerslide Kart Simulator aims to provide you with a racing experience with go-karts and other wheeled vehicles and allow you to perform acrobatic movements using your creativity.
  • Smash Karts is another kart racing game, but unlike Powerslide Kart Simulator, you can only race with a cartoonish go-kart vehicle. Smash Karts offers you some weapon boosters to slow down your opponents while racing.


  • Use the WASD or the Arrow keys to steer your vehicle.
  • Press the Space key to jump and drift.
  • Use the Left Shift key to boost the speed.

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Powerslide Kart Simulator Free Online Game