Fortress Defense

Position your archery men on the top of your castle as the monsters are coming for you! Fortress Defense is a tower defense game where you must protect your sanctuary.

Fortunately, you have the best troops. Let them take their places on the roof. They will attack enemy knights with arrows. Prepare your attack plan well and send the bad creatures where they come from in the strategy game!

Fortress Defense Overview

  • The action game has 10 distinct world maps, each with 10 levels. Start with the first level.
  • The first thing to do is to add archers on the top of the fortress. You can place five archers.
  • You will see many warriors coming towards your sanctuary in waves. Your archers will shoot arrows at them from the roof.
  • Stand for your tower no matter what. Resist their attacks until your archers eliminate them all one by one.
  • When you see that the bar in the left corner of the screen is totally red, it means they are over!

Upgrade Your Archers

As you eliminate the enemies, you will gain EXPs. Use them to upgrade your troop. In later levels, you will need more power during a battle since the attacks get harder. When you get enough experience points, you will see an arrow pointing up at your men.

Click on which archers you want to upgrade. They will level up in this way, and their damage power will increase. There are five upgrade levels, meaning five unique archers. Each comes with its special powers.

Strong Walls and Fighters

You can also enhance your fortress's walls to make them more resistant to attacks. In the "Shop" section, acquire the "Strong Wall," which costs 2000 coins and makes your tower more durable.

On the other hand, you have the option to upgrade your fighter's features here, too. You can see those five archers side by side. Acquiring upgrades will increase their damage rate and critical hit percentage.

Boosters and Power-ups in Fortress Defense

To help you defend your castle, you can use boosters and power-ups. You can get boosters from the "Shop" section. There are Double Arrow, Poison and Freeze as boosters. They cost 50 coins, 75 coins and 100 coins respectively. Tap on the two-swords icon to use them.

You have three power-ups: Frost, Lava, and Lightning. For 30 seconds, they will freeze, burn, or strike lightning in the area you choose.


Computers and Desktops

  • Mouse: Place Archers/Activate Boosters and Power-ups

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to place archers and activate boosters and power-ups.


FreezeNova developed Fortress Defense.

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