Stick Guys Defense


Protecting your towers is your most significant duty. Stick Guys Defense is a 3D tower defense game where you need to defend your castle with your stickman soldiers. There will be a non-stop invasion. Evil creatures are here to attack you by gathering everything they have. There will be no end to this invasion. You have to resist as much as you can.

How to Play Stick Guys Defense

You are under attack from all directions. And your mission is to slow down this attack as much as possible. The best thing you can do to protect your castle is to upgrade your units. As you strengthen them, they will be able to defend you more strongly. Remember that you will lose the game if 20 enemies enter the castle.

Upgrading Units

It would be in your greatest interest to upgrade your units as soon as possible. Because the attacks will get bigger and bigger as the game progresses. You will see 3 different icons at the bottom of the game screen. The first one is for you to strengthen your front-row sword units. The icon next to it is for the archer units in the back. And the last one increases the money you earn from killing enemies.

Power Ups in Stick Guys Defense

During the game, you will see a question mark at the top of the game screen. When the round blue bar around it is filled, it will give you a random power-up. This could be a poison, a soldier carrying a bomb, or a power-up that regenerates the health of all your soldiers. This is a complete surprise. Just trust your luck.


  • Use your mouse click to defend your castle.

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