Be the commander of the legionnaire! Siegius is a 2D strategy game where you are in the shoes of Caesar. The most prominent battles of Roman times have come. You must train your soldiers. To win, you have to give accurate commands to your Roman Legion. Shape the course of history by taking down the Gallic Tribes in the defense game.

Siegius Overview

Your loyal soldiers are ready to fight until the last drop of their blood. As Caesar, you are responsible for their position in the wars. They will act according to your commands. You must make well-thought-out decisions for the Roman Empire's well-being. In the first stage, your opponents will be the Gallic Tribes, and their commander is Vercing. Use the tribe’s weaknesses to your advantage. Shape the battle's course according to your soldiers' power in this strategy game.

The Roman Legion

  • When you enter the battlefield, Gallics will come to your area across the map. You can view their positions on the map by using the WASD or the Arrow keys.
  • The first thing to do is to place your swordsmen, the basic unit of the Roman Legion, on the battlefield. They are excellent at close combat. They can beat ax-wielding men in seconds.
  • As you eliminate the adversaries, you will unlock the defenders and archers. 
  • What brings you victory in this defense game is to send your soldiers considering their strengths.
  • For example, placing archers before enemies is not a good idea as they are good at distant attacks.

The Gallic Tribes and Boarathians

You can unlock new commanders from different tribes as you make progress. Vercing, the commander of the Gallic Tribe and Boaretheus from Boarathians are available in later stages.

They all have unique powers. The Gallics are more potent than the Romans in terms of offense power. But on the other hand, they do not have the spell power of the Romans. Apart from these two tribes, the Boarathians' offense and defense power are the strongest among them. So, take these tribe's strengths and weaknesses into consideration before entering the battlefield.


  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: Move the map
  • Mouse Click: To place the soldiers


Juice-Tin and Mike Sleva created Siegius.

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