Bloons Tower Defense 3

Balloons will attack your tower! To protect it, do everything you can. Bloons Tower Defense 3 is a strategy game where your objective is to guard your land from red balloons. You will place tack shooters or road spikes on the track to do it. Strategically placing the defensive tools will enable you to win the rounds in the balloon tower defense game.

How to Play Bloons Tower Defense 3

  • Prepare yourself to fight with balloons! Firstly, choose the track you want to take part in. You will find four tracks, each with many turning points.
  • The balloons will try to move throughout the track. If you let them reach the exit point, you will lose your life count. You will fail to guard the fortress when your counts drop to zero from 100.
  • To prevent them from invading the tower, get tools from the Stuff section. Place them on the track mindfully so that no balloon can escape.
  • Bloons TD 3 offers you many stuff options. Pick the most convenient ones and deflate the balloons.

Target the Balloons

  • You must get the necessary stuff to eliminate the balloons. View your options from the stuff section.
  • In the beginning, you will have limited money to buy the tools. It is very important to make good use of what you have.
  • Get the ones you can afford and place them on the track. Prevent the invaders from moving on the road.
  • If they manage to pass you, you will lose your life count. Therefore, utilize the entrance and exit sections carefully.
  • You can get additional weapons as you get coins by successfully passing the next rounds.

Upgrade Your Arsenals

Each tool has specific features that you can get by upgrading them. For example, an upgraded boomerang will allow you to use the multi-target feature, increasing the number of balloons it will hit. Or, you can get sonic boomerangs that can smash through frozen bloons. Remember that as you enhance the power of your stuff, more formidable upgrades will emerge. Below, we leave the names of some of our favorite stuff.

  • Boomerang (cost: 440)
  • Spike-o-pult (cost: 510)
  • Cannon (cost: 615)
  • Monkey Beacon (cost: 850)
  • Super Monkey (cost: 3400)


  • Mouse: Place Stuff


Ninja Kiwi developed Bloons Tower Defense 3.

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Bloons Tower Defense Online Game