First Day of School

After a long holiday, the first day of school has arrived. Let's see how you will prepare the girls for this day.

First Day of School is a 2D fashion game where you're that stylist who gets the girls ready for the first day of school. They are overly confident in you and your taste. Are you prepared to let your creative side run wild and style the ideal ensemble for the first day of classes? Now, go ahead and start having fun with fashion!

How to Play First Day of School

The girls are both a little stressed about the first day of school and very excited to meet their friends. They want to make a good impression on this day because they will also meet their new friends.

It's up to you to prepare them carefully for the day. They knocked on the door of the beauty salon, trusting your stylist's personality, make-up skills and fashion vision. 

Start with the Make-up

  • As with every make-up, let's start with the girls' eye make-up and adapt the rest of the make-up according to their eyes. The most crucial part of make-up is the eyes. Choose the most charming eyeshadow among the colors given to you.
  • Then, let's complete the eyeshadow with a beautiful lipstick. You have 6 different color options here: dark pink, light, red, brown, light green and purple.
  • Give shape to the girls' eyebrows a bit. Determine the most preferable eyebrow shape according to their facial features and choose the color of the eyebrow.
  • Shall we put some blush on the girls' cheeks? You can match the blush color preference with eyeshadow.
  • Choose the girls' eye color. You can find very strange colors here. Would you have thought that there would be purple and pink eye colors? Yes, there are.

Accessories for the Girls

  • Choosing a pair of glasses for girls can give them the image of a disciplined student. Choose the best option for them from the options given to you.
  • Afterward, you can also choose a necklace and earrings for them. If you don't want it, you can skip the necklace. The decision is yours.

Get Your Hands on Looks

In this section, you are expected to decide on the girls' hair style and color. This part is the most striking part. You can even add a second color to the girls' hair from here if you want.

Dressing the Girls Up

Finally, choose a stunning dress for them and complete the process of preparing them with a pair of beautiful shoes. If you want, you can also choose a pair of socks under their dress or skirt. And of course, do not forget the school bag!

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