School Bus

The school term has arrived. Everyone's eyes are on the school bus drivers. Your task is great. You will pick up students from their homes and drop them back home for a semester. School Bus is a 2D driving game with living graphics, which gives players an enjoyable gaming experience. Your driving abilities will be checked here. While taking the children to school, you must not get into any accidents or harm any of the children. If you are confident, start the engine.

How to Play School Bus?

The school term is starting. As a school bus driver, your job is to pick up students from their addresses and drop them off at school safely. While driving on the road, you should not hit any vehicle or obstacle. Otherwise, you will lose stars with each collision. And, of course, you should not knock over the children either! Otherwise, you will lose the game directly. Things will get more interesting as you pass each level. Just start your engine and hit the road. Students are waiting for you!

Where to find the children waiting on the map?

Following the yellow signs will lead you directly to the children waiting for you to pick them up.

What happens if the school bus has an accident?

Getting involved in minor accidents will cost you half a star point, while bigger accidents will remove the whole star. You have 3 stars for each level. It means that, you will not pass the level after 5 accidents.


  • 20 challenging level
  • Helps players develop driving and parking skills


  • Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to steer the school bus
  • Use the C key to change the camera view

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