Crazy Ball Adventures

Are you ready to move forward on the tracks set above the endless sea? Crazy Ball Adventures is a 3D arcade game where you steer a ball on challenging roads. Just as you do in Slope, you must steer the ball cautiously on the tracks.

Your job is to reach the finish line. To get there, you need to overcome many obstacles on the road. Do your best and try to complete 30 challenging levels! Collect the stars on the road.


  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: Move
  • Spacebar: Jump
  • Left-Shift: Activate Power-up

Overview of Crazy Ball Adventures

Tap on the “Play” button to start when you enter this arcade game. You will find yourself on a parkour located on the sea with your ball. Your main objective is to navigate it through the tracks with utmost care.

You cannot let it fall into the sea. To reach the finish line, maneuver the ball between the obstacles without getting in contact with any of them. Don’t forget to collect three stars while moving forward!

Gamie Warning

Lil' Warning From Gamie

In order to make progress in this parkour game, our Gamie advises you to go slowly and carefully rather than fast. Moving fast means losing control of the ball quickly, and it can make you restart the level.

You will encounter many surprises on the track, such as wide gaps and sharp bends. Additionally, there are many mines placed on the ground and huge moving walls on the following levels.

Overcome Moving Walls

At level 3 and above, you will face the walls moving on the track. They are moving left from right constantly. You need to find the appropriate time to take action. Otherwise, they can hit the ball and cause it to rush out to sea.

It means game over! The sea is very wavy and scary. Gamie has a suggestion on this issue, too! She says you can jump over the walls. But it is essential to find the right time to do this.


FreezeNova created Crazy Ball Adventures.

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