Crazy Car Arena

Crazy Car Arena Keyboard Controls

Crazy Car Arena is a free online game to experience the maximum. Seek top score by navigating through tight turns, inversions, steep slopes, and even fire rings. This game is filled with stunning 3D graphics, and the music adds to the excitement and the desire for speed. Challenges will put your wild driving skills to the test. 

An AI will chase after and combat you to do more fantastic drifts, jumps, and stunts. Buckle up for an exhilarating ride! 🚀

How to Play Crazy Car Arena?

Choose the vehicle of your kind, and enter the Arena by hitting the play button. You can either choose to drive your way through ramps and obstacles on challenging roads and push yourself to the limit or play car ball in the stadium, find the net with the giant ball, and score a goal. You can spend your coins on new cars to hit the road in style.


  • ⬆️ or W: Gas
  • ⬇️ or S: Brake
  • ⬅️ or A: Steer Left
  • ➡️ or D: Steer Right
  • Space: Handbrake
  • Shift: Boost
  • B: Look back
  • Hold E and use arrows: Choose another car
  • R: Respawn car
  • T: Reset car
  • X: Jump when in the stadium

How can I enter the Stadium in Crazy Car Arena?

You can enter the stadium in the Arena. Follow the wrecking stones, and you will see the entrance from the goalpost of the field.  

What can I do to earn more points in Crazy Car Arena? 

You can increase your points and coins by maintaining a high speed while performing drifts and jumps, steering through the fantastic roads of Crazy Car Arena. You can utilize the boost feature to speed up even more to initiate the craziest drifts. Don't forget to collect power-ups along the way.

Can I play Crazy Car Arena in full-screen mode?

Absolutely, you can play Crazy Car Arena in full-screen mode. Simply click on the "MAKE GAME FULL-SCREEN" icon located at the top of your screen. For optimal visual quality, remember to adjust the texture settings to high.

Who created Crazy Car Arena?

Crazy Car Arena is created by FreezeNova. 

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