Basketball Slam Dunk

The countdown has begun! Basketball Slam Dunk is a retro-styled web basketball game that you can play against a computer or against a friend. Be careful; arms will fly in the air! Your arms and your opponent’s arms can intertwine, and this may create confusion. Keep all eyes open.

How to play Basketball Slam Dunk?

1 Player Controls:

  • Use the W key to throw the ball
  • Use the A key to move left
  • Use the D key to move right

2 Player Controls:

  • Use the Up Arrow key to throw the ball
  • Use the Left Arrow key to move left
  • Use the Right Arrow key to move right

Tips and Tricks

For a more convenient and enjoyable gaming experience, paying attention to a few things may be helpful.

  • Adjusting the distance before trying to score a basket because the ball can go very fast, exceeding the hoop.
  • Do not give up early. You can still take the ball from the opponent’s hand even when you are both on your basket hoop. You can do this even when you are jumping and in the air.
  • Do not let the ball smash to the bucket harshly. It can hit the basket hard and come back. You may end up losing the chance while your opponent comes after you. 

What is Basketball Slam Dunk?

Basketball Slam Dunk is a free 2D web browser scoring game you can play without downloading. You are supposed to make a scoring shot when a player leaps up and rams the ball into the hoop in this game.

How to do a slam dunk in the Basketball Slam Dunk?

Grab the ball from your opponent’s hand and go directly to their hoop. The best option is to throw the ball by keeping your distance without getting too close to the basketball hoop. Otherwise, you may lose your chance to dunk the ball. 

When will the game end?

Hurry up! Whoever manages to complete their score of 3 will be the winner of the game.

Where can I play the Basketball Slam Dunk?

Basketball Slam Dunk is one of the best basketball web browser games with pixel graphics. You can freely enjoy it on

Is it playable on Chromebook?

Yes, you can play the game on your Chromebook easily.

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