Bouncy Musical Ball

Bouncy Musical Ball is a rhythm-based arcade game where you must master navigating a jumpy ball and move forward on the tiles. They will show themselves according to the rhythm of the music you have chosen to play with. Move forward, abandoning yourself to the rhythm of the music. This endless music game allows you to go beyond the tiles as far as possible!🎼

How to Play Bouncy Musical Balls

  • You will see many songs listed on the menu. You have 15 song options, from slow music to music with faster rhythms. Our favorite one is the Potion from Chon.
  • Make your choice and start to guide the ball on the blocks. Click on the screen to make it bounce in the beginning.
  • Then, you can use W and D or left and right arrow keys to steer it. The blocks will take place as the music plays.
  • Follow the rhythm and go the longest way you can!

Do Not Fall Off!

Avoid falling from the blocks. If the ball falls, the game will be over. You must catch all the blocks to go forward. It automatically jumps while trying to guide it, making your job a bit challenging. Mastering it to navigate may take some time.

The Moving Tiles

There are standing and moving tiles on the road. The moving ones will make it hard for you to catch them. But if you can gather your concentration and move forward, you can easily overcome them. In addition, please do your best to place the ball right in the middle of the blocks, as it will enable you to collect bounce powers.

Song Options

The game offers you a variety of music alternatives. There are lively tracks here, as well as relatively slower ones. In upbeat music, catching the tiles will be more challenging as they will appear faster. We will list a few of the tracks you can find below.

  • Andy Timmons - Resolution
  • Daughter - Get Lucky
  • Disclosure - Latch Feat. Sam Smith
  • Oston - Bad


  • W / D or Left / Right Arrow Keys: Direct the ball
  • Mouse: Bounce

Mobile Devices

  • Touchscreen: Direct the ball


Bouncy Musical Ball was developed by FreezeNova.

What is More?

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You may look up other online arcade games on for more game options. If you stay tuned, you will always find new and thrilling game options!

Bouncy Musical Ball Free Online Game