Summer Aesthetics

You'll find yourself in a group chat with 5 spirited girls in Summer Aesthetics. Each is having her best time with sun-kissed vibes of summer in different ways in various parts of the globe. 

  • One of your friends is celebrating the Olive Festival in Italy, 
  • while another is enjoying the tropical paradise of Bali. 
  • A third friend is having summer school adventures in London, UK,
  • and the fourth is exploring the stunning bays and ancient wonders of Greece. 
  • Lastly, the fifth friend is enjoying the simple pleasures of rural life at Grandma's farm. 

As the chat lights up with each selfie, you'll be inspired to create a summer aesthetic that reflects their unique journeys. Capture the warmth of the season with gorgeous hairstyles and accessories. Get ready to create your ensemble and share your selfies with the group!

Summer Aesthetics is an online dress-up game in which you prepare five girls to capture the best photos of them. Start playing it for free on now!


Left click or tap to pick items

How to Play Summer Aesthetics?

  • You'll prepare the girls one by one.
  • Find the perfect outfit, hairstyle, and accessories to fit both the style and aesthetics of the place they've been in this summer.
  • Start with Greece, and go on with Bali, London, Farm Life and Italy aesthetics.
  • Each girl brings a fresh breath to the game with their physical appearance, wide wardrobe, and diverse backgrounds they're in.
  • The most trendy tops, sundresses, glasses and bags await you. Dive into the aesthetics now, and you'll always be energized this summer!


Prinxy created this game.

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Summer Aesthetics Online