Baby Dragons

Giant magical lizards. Flying through the sky, exploring lands with shiny wings. Breathing fire. These are not just any creatures but dragons - the epitome of majesty and wonder.

It's widely known that some dragons can be a bit grumpy and short-tempered. But have you ever considered the charm of newly hatched baby dragons? In our interactive online game, Baby Dragons, we invite you to experience the joy of these adorable creatures. Personalize your just-hatched babies with a range of colors, sparkling wings, or even horns. The power is in your hands. Let's begin this exciting journey together!


Use your mouse or touchscreen to pick items

How to Play Baby Dragons

  • Two dragon siblings are about to hatch from their shells. And they need your help to give them a unique and perfect appearance and personality.
  • In Baby Dragons, you're not just a player but also a dragon caretaker who shapes their physical attributes and traits. 
  • To start, you need to choose the color of their skin. 
  • Next, you can pick the horn that suits their look. 
  • Add a shiny tail for extra flair.
  • Most importantly, find vibrant wings that match their spirits. 
  • As you play and progress in the game, you'll unlock the second section, where you can choose the eye color, capes, and accessories for your baby dragon. 
  • Each choice you make brings you closer to creating a truly unique dragon.
  • You can start creating your kind of baby dragon now for free!

Is Baby Dragons safe for kids?

Yes, Baby Dragons is a safe and interactive dress-up game without any harmful visuals. We diligently choose kids games to be extra safe for our little players.

Can my 3-year-old play online games?

Children over 2 can have supervised screen time where they can improve their sensory and motor skills with interactive and age-appropriate games. Baby Dragons is one such game that little kids aged 2 to 8 can enjoy, offering a creative experience while promoting cognitive development.


FreezeNova created this game.

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