Zombie War Defense


You may have heard of that famous TV series, The Walking Dead. Welcome to their world. Here, you are faced with those walking creatures! And you must prevent the zombies from breaching the gate at all costs. Otherwise, you will be one of them. Zombie War Defense is a defense game where you take shelter behind a gate and fight zombies. There are too many zombies. So, you need to create a strategy to fight them.

How to Play Zombie War Defense

Zombie War Defense is a zombie game in which there is a zombie invasion. You can't let them cross the gate. Build your sanctuary and defend yourself. You can do this by getting yourself a co-hitman and using bombs and Molotov rigs. No matter what, those zombies can't pass through that gate!

Hiring a Co-hitman

You will start fighting zombies using your arrows, but one archer is not enough for that crowd. You need to hire a co-hitman from the left side of the play screen. He has a gun and will shoot the zombies with bullets. But as your level progresses, the intensity of the chaos will increase, so co-hitman will not be enough. It can be advantageous to use your bombs and Molotov cocktails in places where zombies are concentrated.

Leveling Up in Zombie War Defense

You move to a new level when you eliminate all the zombies attacking you. The power and number of zombies attacking you at each level will increase proportionally. Accordingly, as your level increases, you will also obtain new types of equipment that you can use against them. Use the tools you have against them in the best way possible.

Upgrades and Boosters in Zombie War Defense

In the shop section from the menu, you can get upgrades and boosters for strengthening your defense mechanisms against walking dead. From here, you can reinforce your iron walls and increase the damage levels of your co-hitmen. Or you can make the arrows you shoot more burning and shocking.


  • Use your mouse to determine where to aim while using bullets, arrows, and other items.

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