Masked Forces Zombie Survival

Masked Forces Zombie Survival Free

Get ready to survive the invasion of zombies in Masked Forces Zombie Survival.
The waves of undead are coming faster and hesitate to shoot them right away. 
You can save yourself if you take action together with other players help if you play online mode. There are weapons you can use in order to save the city from the zombies.

In the weapon section, you are provided with a range of purchasable and upgradable weapons which are unlocked at different levels.
Weapons available:
• Eagle 
• Smg
• Minigun 
• Shotgun 
• Revolver 
• Slugger 
• Thompson Smg
• Sniper 
• Grenade 

In the Armor section, you are provided with a range of purchasable equipment that propects you from the bullet attacks.
 Armors available:
• Watchdog Armor 
• Hellbound Armor 
• Undefeated Armor
• Night Armor
• Supreme Armor 
• Death Mask 
• Cataclysm Mask 
• Doom Squad Mask
• Unforgiven Mask 
• Vanquisher Mask

The game also has a daily reward feature which gifts players cash and XP every 24 hours, 
also as your player level increases you get cash rewards, be sure to claim yours.

Masked Forces Zombie Survival Gameplay 

You can choose to play online or offline.
To play online you will have to create online room where other players can join the battle against the zombies.
First you give a name to the room, choose to be private or not.
Levels available are Modern City and Night City.
There are 3 modes you can choose: Survival, FFA and Doomsday.
To play offline, you still have to create a room but the modes will be Survival and Doomsday only. Keep in mind that  in this mode, you will have only one life.

Masked Forces Zombie Survival Diplay:

• Kill feed and chat (displayed on the top left)
• Waves ( displayed on the center)
• Map (displayed on the top right)
• Hp & Ammo (displayed on the bottom right)

• Weapons and armor upgrade
• Online or offline missions
• Different levels and game modes

• WASD or arrow keys to move
• Left click to shoot
• C to crouch
• R to reload
• F to pick up a gun