Zombie Road

Zombie Road is a 3D browser game where you steer a vehicle with lethal blades in front. You will see zombies along the highway. Drive your car on them without stopping once. The blades will remove them from your way. You must go as far as possible in one of the most thrilling zombie games. 🧟

How to Play Zombie Road

Begin with selecting your scary car. It will be your most loyal friend down the road. You will face many zombies along the way. Drive your vehicle into them without thinking twice. Your car has lethal blades ahead. The zombies will be eliminated when the blades touch them. Remember that your car has a limited amount of gas and durability. Destroy as many zombies as you can before it runs out of power.

Pick Up Gas Tankers and Wrenches

You will encounter red gas tankers and gray wrenches on the road. It is a must to take them up from the ground and continue on the way as they will allow you to travel longer distances. When your vehicle runs out of gas, the game is over. Likewise, as you progress, you will encounter many obstacles other than zombies, such as pieces of wood. To repair your vehicle, picking up the wrenches is very important.

Avoid Obstacles on the Road

The highway you will move on is full of challenges. There will be many woods, explosive tins and straws. If you hit any of them, your car’s durability will decrease. Check the gray wrench symbol at the upper right side of the screen. If the emblem turns black, you must get to the beginning.

Increased Speed

Another challenge on the way is the gradually increasing speed. As you move forward, the speed will go up. The vehicle moving at an average pace gets fast in time. And as you can imagine, high speed will make it harder to avoid obstacles. Master navigating your vehicle at high speed and try to get the highest score!


  • A/D or Left/Right Arrow Keys: Steer the Car
  • ESC/Tab Keys: Pause


Zombie Road was developed by FreezeNova.

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Zombie Road Free Online Game