Zombie Sniper

Get ready for zombie hunting! We will go on a long journey. Zombie Sniper is a 2D shooting game where you are trying to shoot the zombies in the head. Take your place on the roof. You must clear them all from the cemetery!

Start destroying all the zombies in your line of sight, one by one. However, remember that you have limited bullets. You can't let even one waste in this first-person shooter game. Strive to pass 30 challenging levels!


Desktops and Laptops

  • LMB or RMB: Aim and Fire

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to aim and fire the gun.

About Zombie Sniper

  • In Zombie Sniper, you are face to face with the walking dead. You can't let them eat you up.
  • So, you will go up to a roof overlooking the cemetery. You can see these ugly creatures from a distance in this way.
  • Take your sniper and target them precisely. Try to shoot them in the head.
  • In each level, you will have to deal with a specific number of zombies. And you will have limited ammo.
  • Precise shooting is a must in this first-person shooter game. You must start the level from the beginning if you run out of bullets.

The Creepy Cemetery

You will be in a spooky cemetery. Where else could be a favorite place for zombies anyway? There are many graves in the setting. Don't let this graveyard frighten you. You have a sniper here. You will already be at a certain distance from the walking dead.

They can't attack you easily. You will see different kinds of zombies here. Some are at a standstill; some move forward and backward in the cemetery. Some are overweight! Your job is to eliminate them with precise aim.

Zombies on the Move

In later levels, some of the ugly creatures will be on the move. Shooting them can be a little harder than the regular ones. You must consider their back-and-forth movements before firing your sniper.

Otherwise, your bullet can go to waste. Make a shot, taking into account the time it takes for the bullet to reach the moving creature. With a bit of practice, you will master eliminating the zombies!


FreezeNova developed Zombie Sniper.

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