Deer Hunter


Deer Hunter is a 2D shooting game where you play as a skilled deer huntsman. Using your sniper skills, you must shoot all the deer on the grass field. You must aim well and make precise shootings as you have a few ammo. As you level up, the number of deer will increase. So, use your bullets best and enjoy deer hunting to the fullest! 🦌

How to Play Deer Hunter

You will see happy deer grazing on the grass in the forest area. You will be waiting with your sniper at a distance. When you find the appropriate moment, do not miss the chance to shoot them. If you miss shooting them in the first place, it will be more challenging to try to shoot them again. The sound of the sniper will make the animals uncomfortable, and they will start to run. Try to shoot them using just one bullet for each animal!

  • You can view how many deer you must shoot from the sight icon in the upper section of the screen.
  • Look for your bullet’s number from the bullet icon near the sight.

Hunting the Deer

  • The number of animals you must hunt will increase in the following levels. Precise aiming is the essential key here. In order to level up, you need to eliminate all the animals on the grass with your limited bullets. It is not an option to waste them.
  • The other challenge is when you shoot a deer, the others will start to flee away because of the sound. Don’t let their movements impact your shootings!

The Nature Photographers

You will see photographers in the later levels. They will be there to take pictures of the animals and nature itself. You should not shoot them while trying to hunt the deer. Especially when they are fluttering around, they can pass behind photographers. Otherwise, you will lose the game.

The Bombs on the Field

After level 11, bombs will be placed in the green area. You can use these bombs to your benefit. When the deer are concentrated on a spot near a bomb, exploding it will help you to hunt them in just one move.


  • Right click to aim
  • Left click to shoot

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