Time Shooter

Prepare to fight with glass-made enemies! Cut them into a thousand pieces with a single bullet. Time Shooter is a 3D shooting game where you will find yourself in a white room full of red enemies. You need to take them down using your gun.

However, keep in mind that time flows differently here! If you move, the enemies will start to take action at normal speed. Develop a strategy and get rid of them immediately before time flows. This action game will feel like playing SuperHot!


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • Left Mouse Button: Pick Up Weapon/Shoot
  • Right Mouse Button: Throw a Weapon

About Time Shooter

When you enter the game, you will be in a room with white walls. There will be a gun in your hands. The red enemies in the room are waiting for you to move. Thus, they can attack you faster. Time passes very slowly here if you don't move.

On the other hand, the slightest movement will allow all red creatures to shoot at you immediately. Create a strategy and eliminate them all to survive in this white room in this first-person shooter game.

Glass-Made Enemies

Your enemies are men made of glass. When you fire the gun, and the bullet hits them, you will hear glass-shattering sounds. Trust me, you will love these sounds. At every level, red men will outnumber you, so you should be careful about that.

It would be beneficial for you to carry out planned and programmed attacks. Gamie recommends taking them down individually and hiding behind white walls if necessary. But if the bullet they shoot you or the gun they throw hits you, you lose the game.

Tactics: Shoot and Run

The most useful tactics in this action game can be shooting an enemy and running after that. In this way, you will deflect the bullet moving towards you in slow motion. You should try this on each red creature to experience how successful a strategy it is. We call this "Bending Time". 😉

I'm trying to open the game but it doesn't open. What should I do?

If you're using an adblocker, make sure it's turned off. Or you can try opening the game in incognito mode. If these suggestions are still not enough, check out our support page.


GoGoMan developed the Time Shooter.

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