Secret Sniper Agent

You have been given a special mission: to eliminate the men in suits! Secret Sniper Agent is a 2D shooting game in which you are a skilled sniper agent. You have a crucial task on the rooftop.

You must hunt down all the men with silenced guns who are moving left and right in the city park. Use your precise aiming skills and shoot them one by one in this action game! However, remember that you need to use your bullets wisely.


Desktops and Laptops

  • Left-Click or Right-Click: Aim and Fire

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to aim and fire the sniper.

About Secret Sniper Agent

  • You will deal with many bad guys in the park. They wear suits and carry silenced guns.
  • Your main objective in this fps┬áis to take them down one by one from the roof.
  • You can see them clearly from this rooftop. It's a great place to aim precisely. However, there is a problem!
  • You have a limited amount of bullets. So, you must use your precise aiming skills well. Otherwise, you will be open to getting shot!

The Men in Suits

When you shoot a bad guy for the first time, the sound of the gun will take others' attention. They will start shooting you! and they will start running around the park. Before they defeat you, you must eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Check your health rate from the medical icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Things will get a little more intense in the following levels because the number of men in suits you deal with will increase!

Watch out for Civilians

In addition to the increasing number of enemies, you will also see civilians in later levels. You cannot shoot at them! If any stray bullet hits them, you have to restart the level.

Don't forget that you are a secret sniper agent, not a bully boy. So you have to aim properly while they are around. Your mission is precise and honorable, not reckless!


FreezeNova developed the Secret Sniper Agent.

What is Next?

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