Mini Shooters

In Mini Shooters you will take control of your mini character to start shooting and to collect coins in order to restore the peace of the city.
You will meet other players at every corner waiting to take you down in any way possible. With determination and agility you will be able to complete every mission.
Choose the weapon you like and start your shooting adventure.

Be ready to complete all 30 missions. You can play multiplayer also.
There is the possibility to customize your Mini Shooter by buying different looks to become unique in the arena.

You can buy different player-tags that will be activated and seen in the gameplay:
• The Death Formation
• The Onexor 
• The Yroldar
• The White Wings
• The Flaming Battalion 
• The Zakir
• The Flame
• The Death's Angels
• The Curators
• The Oqulim
• The Demigod 
• The Titan
• Red Bow
• The New order
• The Keepers
• The Delirious 
• Rumble Pelt 
• Sharp Crest 
• The Forsaken
• The Slayer 
• Strongblood 
• The Herd 
• The Culling Cavalry 
• The Hounds
• The Oesodum
• The Thunder 
• The Guardian
• Sanguine Shepherds 
• The Ozrelnach 
• The Miracle 
• The Lionheart 
• The Ukrelnach 
• The Aumuex 
• The Widow Maker 
• Phoenixblow 

How to play Mini Shooters?
Press WASD or arrow keys to move
Use the mouse to aim
Use the left mouse click to shoot
Press space bar to pick up the weapon

Mini Shooters Online