Stickjet Challenge

Stickjet Challenge is one of the most thrilling stickman games where you try to make the ragdoll reach the flagged area at the end of the platform. While trying to get him to this area, your priority should be keeping him away from the platform's red lines and spinning wheels. Touching anything other than green areas sends him back to the beginning point. Master controlling the jetpack and enjoy the Stickjet Challenge!

How to Play Stickjet Challenge

This game will challenge you a bit. Here, you will try to move the ragdoll over obstacles in an area drawn with red stripes. He should not come into contact with anything red. It might be good for him to collect stars as he progresses on the platform. With stars, he completes levels with distinction.

Spinning Wheels in Stickjet Challenge

The ragdoll will encounter many spinning wheels on the platform. These wheels look like balloons. They are bright and red. And they keep spinning. If he touches these wheels, unfortunately, he will have to go back to the beginning.

Control Points

Ragdoll receives the first flag when he reaches the initial point of control. Even if he contacts a red area of the platform, he will not return to the beginning; instead, he will begin the game again from this checkpoint. As a result, these turning points are crucial.

Master Controlling the Jetpack

  • He will require a lot of his jetpack as he goes on the stage. He will use the jetpack when there are huge distances between obstacles.
  • Precise timing is essential for pressing the button at the correct time. It is critical to be able to adjust when to push the button to activate the jetpack.
  • If the button is pressed too soon or too late, he may come into touch with the reds.


  • Use your left mouse click to move the ragdoll through the platform.


Stickjet Challenge was created by Qky Games.

What is More?

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