Stickman War

Stickman War is a 2D shooting game where you try to shoot the running stickmen on the platform. It is impossible to predict their movements, where they will enter the platform and from where they will escape. They are everywhere. So, your eyes should be everywhere on the platform. You need to aim quickly and eliminate them one by one.

How to Play Stickman War

There are 27 levels in Stickman War, and each has its own difficulty. Stickmen will enter the platform by jumping from left to right on each level. They can climb onto the gray barriers on the platform and do backflips. Don't be surprised! You just focus on your target and shoot them.

Shoot the Stickmen Precisely

  • Your gun only has a capacity of 12 bullets. This means that you should make your shots accurately.
  • There will be places where you cannot shoot all the stickmen with one full magazine. In such cases, you will need to reload your magazine using the R key.
  • But, since reloading will take time, you need to determine the time to reload your magazine carefully. Otherwise, all stickmen will be able to escape from the platform until you fill your magazine.

Bombs on the Platform

The number of stickmen will gradually increase in the following levels. And that will make your job harder. However, the game will make it easier for you by placing time bombs on the platform. You can preserve your bullet count by detonating these bombs in areas where stickmen are dense. Shoot the bombs and cause them to explode!


  • To shoot the stickmen, use the left mouse button.
  • To reload the gun, press the R key.


Stickman War was created by Qky Games.

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Stickman War Free Online Game