Idle Summer Beach

Ever fantasized about opening a beach club? Idle Summer Beach invites you to become a beach manager!

Start by renting lounge chairs, selling cocktails and ice creams, and even opening water parks. Grow your business to become a tycoon of summer beaches.

Idle Summer Beach is a 3D tycoon game where you start from humble beginnings, growing your beach business until you're printing money with hundreds of visitors.

Start your beach management journey with ease. Simply press the play button, and you'll be transported to the golden sandy coasts!



Use the W, A, S, D keys to control the character

Phones and Tablets

Move your finger across the screen to control the character

How to Play Idle Summer Beach

  • You start with just three lounge chairs.
  • Place them on the empty beach and wait. Soon, vacationers will want to rent your chairs.
  • On a hot day, visitors will be thirsty and hungry, hoping to get something fresh to eat or drink.
  • Open a lemonade and ice cream stand, take orders, and serve your customers.
  • As profits increase, invest in your business. Add extra chairs, open a beach volleyball field, and even offer jet ski and banana boat rides.
  • Attract more customers with the services you provide.
  • However, managing a busy beach is not a one-person job. Hire waiters and train them to be fast and professional.
  • You'll be earning money even when you're not playing the gameā€”the best income is idle income.

Hire Life Guards

  • Being a beach manager is a big responsibility. As the beach becomes crowded, you don't want things to get out of control.
  • Some customers will ask for volleyball while others wait for a banana boat ride. Meanwhile, you might need to rescue kids on the verge of drowning. Hire lifeguards and build stations for them.
  • Train them well so they can watch over kids swimming safely and intervene when help is needed.

Use Power-Ups

You can watch an ad to boost the business and progress faster. Idle Summer Beach offers three types of boosters.

  • Profit Multiplier: Doubles your income for two minutes.
  • Money Magnet: Automatically collects all the money.
  • Boost Speed: Increases your speed when you're busy and need to catch up with orders.


Diya Games created this game.

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