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Guitars, keyboards, drums, and recording machines... The instruments create the beautiful melodies we listen to with our headphones all day. Listening to music is fun, but have you ever considered producing it? Here is a game to understand how fun (and challenging at the same time) running a music business.

Studio's Pupil is an idle music studio simulation game where you make strategic decisions to be the music empire. Start with producing cassettes with only a single singer. Employ workers, open new stages, and make your way up to a high-tech music studio with the best instruments and musicians in the world. 

How to Play Studio's Pupil?

  • Start with an empty studio with zero income. You are the pupil of the studio; you're responsible for everything here. 
  • Before building your first stage, you need cassettes to record music. 
  • Buy a cassette producer and employ your first singer.
  • The musicians need cassettes to keep singing and recording. You will be the one providing them with what they need. 
  • As they sing, money will pile up next to the musicians. Collect money to unlock new stages, recorders and other assets.

Get in Sync with Your Team

  • Initially, you need to run back and forth a bit to bring cassettes and collect money. When you are not able to catch up with all the singers, hire new employees by consulting the HR department on the left of the studio. 
  • Share your tasks with newbies and improve their capacity and movement speed to raise your earnings faster.
  • Remember self-growth, as well. Ask your manager for additional responsibilities and skills. Upgrade your capacity and collect speed under the guidance of your manager.

Open the Big Stage for the Band

  • Once you have enough earnings, unlock the big stage to host a band and start producing records.
  • Use these records to hire a CEO and expand by opening another studio where you produce CDs instead of records.

Unlock New Music Genres

In your first studio, you will only have mostly rappers. As you unlock new studios, you will discover new music genres, such as pop and rock bands, who will load your pockets with money! 

Keep the Rhythm

Stay in the rhythm of this music game; your expenses will increase as you earn more. Make strategic decisions, bring world-class musicians, and reach the high notes! Make your path to building a music empire from the ground.


RHM Interactive developed Studio's Pupil.


Arrow keys / WASD / drag the left mouse button: Move around.

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Studios Pupil Online Game