Restaurant Secret Kiss

Restaurant Secret Kiss is one of the most nail-biting kissing games where the two lovers try to steal kisses from each other in a fine restaurant. But, there are strangers and waiters near them. They shouldn't be caught kissing. They don't want to draw attention to themselves. The player must fill the love bar by making this couple kiss. In this way, the game will move to another level. Eros has already shot his arrows in this love game!

How to Play Restaurant Secret Kiss

Two young people very much in love have met in a restaurant. They want to kiss each other as a show of affection, but there are people around. You have to make the couple kiss without getting caught! Take advantage of the busyness of the waiter and make the couple kiss.

  • There will be an exclamation point on the screen when the waitress turns to the couple. The waitress will soon make a turn. Be careful not to let him witness their kiss.
  • You can advance to the following level when the love scale in the top left corner of the screen is filled.
  • As the game progresses, more people will enter the restaurant, increasing the difficulty of your task. Finding times when the waitress and other people are distracted is important.

Invisibility Bar

The game will occasionally give you invisibility while making this couple kiss. A bar will appear above the couple, and their image will begin to flash. You can make the couple kiss as much as you want until this bar reaches zero. Because they will be invisible during this time!

Is it free to play Restaurant Secret Kiss?

Yes, you can play Restaurant Secret Kiss for free on There is no need to download anything, and no registration is required. Simply navigate to the website and look for the game.


  • Use the mouse click to make the couple kiss each other.

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Restaurant Secret Kiss Free Game