Funny Zoo Emergency

Emergency alert! Some animals are covered in mud and a little sick. We need your help in the zoo! Funny Zoo Emergency is a 2D veterinary simulator game in which you take care of baby animals in the zoo. Remove food debris from their mouths with tweezers and cure their infections. Restore their oral health by filling their rotten teeth and many more.

Be their favorite hooman of the animals in this game! We believe they will love your caring touch and want you to stay with them forever.


Desktops and Laptops

  • Mouse: Interact

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to interact with the animals.

Overview of Funny Zoo Emergency

  • In this simulator game, you will take care of a lion, a zebra and an elephant. Help the animals to cure their illnesses and solve all of their concerns.
  • You must do the necessary operations using utensils to restore oral health and clean the dirt with a sponge.
  • Make them the perfect animals of the zoo by curing their sickness by being the best veterinarian.
  • When you finish all the operations you need to perform, you will dress them in clean clothes!
  • Additionally, you can track your achievements by clicking on the cup icon from the menu.

Cure the Lion's Toothache

The baby lion has a toothache. Help him to recover from it. Start with removing the food debris with tweezers. Then, you need to save him from gum infection. Cut the gum and drain the infection with a knife. Finally, heal his rotten teeth by making the necessary intervention.

Trim the Zebra's Hooves

After healing the lion, it's time to take care of the zebra. Its hooves need to be trimmed. The first thing to do is to clear the mud off the hooves with a hard brush. Clean the hoof with the hoof knife. Next, use the nippers to trim the hooves. Finally, use a rasp to get rid of the unnecessary edges of the hooves!

Achievements in Funny Zoo Emergency

Complete various tasks in this doctor game, including:

  • Cure the lion's toothache
  • Trim the zebra's hooves
  • Get rid of the ants
  • Clean all the dirt
  • Get the elephant a mud bath
  • Tidy up the lion's messy mane
  • Color the zebra's stripes
  • Try all the outfits
  • Try all the shoes
  • Cure all the animals


iClickGames developed the Funny Zoo Emergency.

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