Funny Shooter Bro is a web-based FPS game with funny-looking enemies and bizarre sound effects. 

Spawn onto the map alone with your trusty weapon. All redmen hates strangers in this town. They will not hold back from running over you with sticks when they spot you. Shoot'em up and succeed in levels. They have a surprise for you at the end. 


  • Move: WASD Keys
  • Look Around: Mouse
  • Shoot: Left-Click
  • Aim: Right-Click
  • Reload: R
  • Throw a Grenade: G
  • Run: Left Shift
  • Pause: Tab

How to Play Funny Shooter Bro

  • Enter the game and press play to instantly play Funny Shooter Bro. 
  • Red dots will guide you to find your enemies. 
  • The second they spot you, they'll start to run over in groups. 
  • Load your gun and take them down with your precise shooting skills.
  • 10 levels are available in this game, each with unique challenges and environments. 
  • At the first level, your duty is to kill 30 Redmen and arrive at the final spot. Check your health level regularly because they might beat you up to death.
  • As you progress through levels, they'll get more and more aggressive.
  • Keep shooting until you face off against the boss of Redmen. It'll be a true challenge to get him down.

Tips and Tricks for Funny Shooter Bro

  • Red foes don't have any guns, but every stick knocking on your back will lower your health level. So, keeping a safe space between you and the enemies is crucial. Also, keep in mind that your rifle might not perform well in too long distances; find the ideal distance. 
  • One trick to protect yourself is climbing over ruins. Redmen are not good at climbing over objects. Find cars, cabins or ruins to climb over and shoot them from a distance.
  • There is also another trick to get away from attacks. First, approach them slowly so they can spot you and chase after you. When they run over, don't turn your back to them. Instead, walk backward and keep shooting.
  • Make use of grenades when there are too many Redmen. As your grenades are limited, throw them only when you cannot handle big groups of Redmen.


Obtain daily achievements and others to multiply your coins. You can use your coins to upgrade your health level or buy new guns in the shop.

Some of the achievements are as follows:

  • Killer Redman (1-2-3): Kill 100, 300 and 500 enemies to get ribbons, respectively.
  • HeadShot (1-2-3): Perform 50, 100 and 200 headshots to get ribbons, respectively.
  • Banker (1-2-3): Collect 500, 800 and 1300 coins to get ribbons, respectively.


FreezeNova developed the Funny Shooter Bro.

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