Funny Shooter

Funny Shooter Keyboard Controls

Funny Shooter is one of the best first person shooter games where the player tries to dodge the invasion of the relentless enemies. You will see many orange men. They will attack you in different sizes and with various weapons. Most of them will throw bombs and forks at you. Some will prefer close combat. Navigate them skillfully to avoid their attacks. Join the adventure of one of the FPS games online with the funniest graphics!

How to Play Funny Shooter

You're the only one left from your team. You have to resist the invasion of an entire enemy army alone. They outnumber you. In order to complete the mission successfully, you need to destroy each enemy one by one. They will try to attack you en masse. You must be agile. Remember that dodging is as essential a key here as attacking.

Orange Men

  • Your enemies are orange and have helmets on their heads. You'll encounter normal-sized enemies as well as giant orange men. It will take a little longer to destroy them as they have much more resilience.
  • They will have different abilities and weapons. While there will be orange men throwing bombs at you from the rooftops, there will also be enemies throwing forks. You have to escape from these attacks.
  • In addition, using weapons such as bombs against them will make your job easier since they will all chase after you as a group.

Weapons in Funny Shooter

You have many weapon options. You can see these options in the main menu. There are automatic weapons, pistols, snipers and even a bazooka that can create an immense shock. You will only have one automatic weapon and a pistol in the early game. You can unlock other weapons as you complete missions. Below, we list some of the weapons you can find. But remember that purchased weapons can only be used on one level.

  • AK-47
  • FN-FNP45
  • Kriss Vector
  • L42Enfield
  • Launcher


  • To look around, use the mouse.
  • To move, use the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Run by pressing W+Shift.
  • To jump, press the Space key.
  • To fire, press the left mouse button.
  • To aim, press and hold the right mouse button.
  • To switch between weapons, use the mouse wheel.
  • To switch weapons, use the 1-7 number keys.
  • To reload, press R.
  • To attack (1) with a knife by pressing the F key.
  • To attack (2) with a knife, press the Q key.
  • To toss a grenade, press the G key.
  • In order to inspect the weapon, press the T key.
  • Remove a weapon by using the E key.


Funny Shooter was created by GoGoMan.

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