Dreamlike Room

It's decoration time. Let's see your interior design skills! Dreamlike Room is a home decoration and organizing game online. 

Dreamlike Room is a fun game for those who spend hours building and interior decorating homes on Sims. The exact same girls used to love their dollhouses, arranging the furniture back and forth when they were children. 

In this room decor game, you get to set up your dream bedroom with tons of furniture options. Choose your theme: a blue boy's room, unicorns, soft beige, or wood. Mix and match all the pieces to create a gorgeous room to play, study, and sleep.

How to Play Dreamlike Room?

  • Start with the essentials; choose windows, wallpapers, and floors from the shop.
  • When you are done with renovations, arrange the furniture, such as the study desk, bed, and wardrobe. 
  • In every unit, you should make the right decision that suits your style.
  • After handling big furniture, pass on to rugs, accessories, and lighting. 
  • As you know, the little pieces are the ones making a place home. So, take your time until you place these objects in positions that feel like a warm place to hang out.
  • The best part of this home design game is that there is nothing that stops you from having the items you like. Everything is affordable in the shop for you to let your imagination run wild!

Mix, Match and Organize

  • Open shop from the top-left on your screen and navigate between sections. 
  • Choose the furniture you prefer. Move around, resize, copy or delete it by clicking related buttons. You can also undo the last action.
  •  If you'd like to start from scratch, click the refresh button on the right.
  • Don't forget to take a picture of your work and save it to your computer at the end.


Use your cursor or touch screen to pick and move objects.


Dreamlike Room is made by CodeThisLab.

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Dreamlike Room Free Online Game