Crazy Strike Force

Crazy Strike Force Free

Join the ultimate battle competition in Crazy Strike Force game. You can customize your character with an entirely unique style but also to resist in against the opponents. With a great selection of weapons you will be able to shoot anybody. The enemies must be taken down and do not hesitate to create your own strategy. 

Armoury Section 
• Loadout
• MP5K
• N870
• AX-50
• Tommy 
• SC-L 
• M4A1 
• Crossbow 
• CZ75
• Magnum
• Knife 
• Axe
• Frag Grenade 
• Syringe 
• Helmet 1-8 
• Armor 1-8

• Quickdraw ammo 
• Bolt Runner 
• Silence Walker 
• Explosion Master 
• Bomber Man 
• Samurai 
• UAV Ghost 
• Sitrep 
• Fast Drawer 

Kill Message
• You noob 
• Good try 
• You picked the wrong house 
• That's not how the soldiers do
• Why so serious?
• Wrong way, sir

• Victory 1 
• Victory 2 
• Victory 3 
• Chicken Dance 
• Robot Hip Hop Dance 
• Macarena Dance 
• Wave Hip Hop Dance 
• Tut Hip Hop Dance 
• Boogaloo Dance 
• Thank you! 

Profile section
In the profile section you will be able to change the nickname, load/save code (only experience can be saved through 
this code. You can replace your current load code with another one load a higher value.) and it will appear the following details:
• K/D Rate 
• Games Played 
• Total Play Time 
• Kills 
• Scores 
• Win 
• Headshot Counts 
• Knife Kills 
• Assist Counts 

Store Section
• Rewarded Ads: Gold +5000, Diamond +1000
• Loot Box: Common Case (available with 500 diamonds), Rare Case (available with 1000 diamonds),Legendary Case (available with 2000 diamonds)

Rooms Section
You can begin the game by joining a room made by other players or you can create one yourself.
To do that you must give a name to the room, choose the maxium players (10), game mode (team death match, free for all,
capture the flag, gun game, arcade doom), round time, bot count and map (Fortress, Assault, Aztek, Italy, Bunker)

Crazy Strike Force Display:
• BP & Health (displayed on the top left)
• Kill feed (displayed on the top left)
• Map (displayed on the top right)
• Ammo (displayed on the bottom right)

Crazy Strike Force Controls:
• WASD or arrow keys to move
• Left mouse click to fire
• Right mouse click to aim
• Space to jump
• Q to slide while running
• Left shift to run
• 1, 2, 3 to change weapon
• E or F to interact / pick up weapon
• G to throw available dynamite
• H to use available medkit
• T to chat
• L to toggle cursor lock
• C to crouch
• Hold Tab to show scoreboard
• Escape to pause