Crazy Hill Climb

Crazy Hill Climb is a cartoon animal racing game where the player steers a car with a unique and very sweet animal in the driver's seat. Here, the player faces a distinct view of the road with mountains and its challenging climbs. Are you ready to hit the road with your driver animal that you chose from the animal family?

How to Play Crazy Hill Climb?

When you enter the game, the first thing you need to do is to choose among the cartoon animals that the game offers you. You will find unique and beautiful animals: an elephant, a crocodile, a reindeer, a giraffe, a wolf and a toucan. Choose the animal you will travel with finely.

Vehicles in Crazy Hill Climb

After deciding on your best driver, it is time to choose the vehicle. There are 6 cars in the garage. Initially, you can choose between two options given to you. You have the right to unlock the other 4 vehicles with the money you earn as you win the races. Make a thoughtful choice from a variety of unusual and exquisite creatures for your travel buddy.

Customization of the Vehicle

Pick your favorite color from a variety of selections, which range from soft pink to striking hues. For a better driving experience, bolster the suspension and engine power of your car. Once you have adjusted your car to your desire, go behind the wheel.

Gas and Pedal

If you are playing the game on your mobile phone, you can change the gas and pedal controls in the section under the triple wheel section in the customization section.

Compelling Map

You will encounter many obstacles as you progress along the way. The map contains very steep ascents and descents. This will make your job harder. It is better to be fast but cautious. Do not forget to collect coins on the road!

How many levels are there in Crazy Hill Climb?

There are 30 levels in Crazy Hill Climb. Each level has its own challenges. Reach the finish line without flipping the car.

Is there a multiplayer mode option?

Yes, you can join the online servers and compete against other people who want to start a race. Compare your abilities to those of other drivers and finish first.


  • Use the WASD or the Arrow keys to move the car.

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