Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a free online basketball game that you can enjoy on your browser. Start strong, and show your skills with three-pointers. Get the rebounds, and do not give your opponent any breathing room. Be a legend on the court! Basketball Stars allow you to enjoy the game on your own or with friends. You have the choice to join a thrilling tournament where the competition is intense, or you can simply pick your team and jump into a fast and exciting match.

How to play Basketball Stars?

Player 1

  • WASD: Move
  • X: Shoot or Steal
  • S: Pump or Block
  • Double A or Double D: Dash
  • K: Super shot

Player 2

  • Arrow keys: Move
  • L: Shoot or Steal
  • Down Arrow: Pump or Block
  • Left/Right Arrow Twice: Dash
  • Z: Super shot


  • Four game modes are available: Tournament, random match, training, and quick match
  • Play one-to-one or two-to-two with your friend or against CPU
  • A wide range of players and the best teams of NBA League

How to dunk in Basketball Stars?

In order to dunk in Basketball Stars, take the ball and run to the hoop. When you are close enough, jump by pressing W or Up Arrow, then press X or L to shoot while jumping. 


Basketball Stars was created by MadPuffers.

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