FNF Funk 3D


FNF Funk 3D is an arcade game where you must lean on your musical ear to succeed. You will find yourself competing with a girl in music battles. The aim is to let yourself flow with the music’s rhythm. You will see arrow indicators representing the musical notes as the music plays. Tap on the relevant key when the proper time comes and beat the girl in this music game!🎶

How to Play FNF Funk 3D

You will see a girl on the stage next to you. Just like you, this girl has an interest in funk music. She loves music very much. You will engage in rhythmic battles with her. But don’t underestimate her. She is a solid competitor with a strong ear. Each arrow symbol on the screen corresponds to a musical note. You must catch these symbols at the right moment to play the music and dance. Click on the proper arrow keys to make progress and beat the girl!

You Go First!

You will initiate dancing and singing. Pressing the correct key when the symbols show themselves is the primary key to making progress in the dance game. You will see a red & green bar on the top screen. This bar shows you who is winning the battle. If the green color takes up more space, the guy is ahead. Or vice versa. After you, the girl will take the microphone.

Enhance Your Eye & Hand Coordination

To succeed in the game, you must rely on your focus and eye & hand-coordination abilities. It may take some time to get used to playing the game. But as you practice, the game will enhance the abilities mentioned above. It will also strengthen motor skills. While trying to catch the musical notes, you realize these skills have improved.


  • Use the Arrow keys to control the boy.

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FNF Funk 3D Free Online Game

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