Survival Race

It's a race of survival. The one who stays in the arena wins the game. Steer on the platform at full speed, crash other cars, and drop them out. Survival Race is a free online car game offering a thrilling experience. Make stunts or roll over holes and collect coins in this battle royale racing game!


Desktops and Laptops

  • Steer Left: A/Left Arrow
  • Steer Right: D/Right Arrow
  • Jump: W/Up arrow/Spacebar/LMB
  • Fly: Double press W/Up arrow/Space


Use the virtual joystick on the touchscreen to steer the car

How to Play Survival Race?

  • The race starts immediately after pressing the play button. Steer your car over the arena.
  • The aim is to kick out all other cars to be the winner.
  • Stay away from corners to be on the safe side.
  • When another player drives on the arena, blocks will go down after it, leaving holes in the platform.
  • When a hole emerges in front of you, jump by pressing W.
  • You can also fly for a short period by pressing W twice.
  • Collect coins and power-ups on your way. Coins will bring you better cars, while powerups will make your car more resilient to attacks.
  • There are dozens of sports cars to unlock in the garage. If you'd like to change the color of your car, simply go to the garage in the main menu and select the color to stand out from the crowd in the arena.

Game Modes

  • Practice: Free race without opponents
  • Battle: Survive in the arena
  • Parkour: Collect stars
  • Autoball: Soccer played bar cars. Score goals to win.

Tips and Tricks for Survival Race

  • Roads are slippery. Don't oversteer; otherwise, your car will drift in a crazy way, resulting in a fall out of the arena.
  • Go to options to set your steering and drift levels.
  • Sharp steering and minimum drifting will provide you with more precision.

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